Twitter is one of the largest and leading social networking platforms on the Internet. It is a free of cost and very easy to join by creating an account. Twitter is very easy to use by joining within a minute and start tweeting. Its interface is very simple to use. You can tweet or re-tweet and send the tweets by mentioning the specific people. Some of its competitive advantages over Facebook are as follows:

Real Time News Feeds

Twitter is famous for distributing live news in a manner which no other social site has achieved up till now. Twitter earns profit by delivering real time news and keeping the users updated. The advertisers use this medium to promote their messages. Users can send and read ‘tweets’, which are text messages or text based posts up to 140 characters. Twitter gives access to know about what is going to happen or happening in your country, city, industry, community, and around the world. You can start tweeting to promote your work or share your ideas and thoughts with other peoples.

More Diverse Audience

One of the main purposes of using Twitter is socializing by connecting with your friends, family members and getting updates about the things in which you have interest. It is one of the best ways to stay connected among diverse group of people. Males are regular visitors of Twitter and college people and high income class is more affiliated with Twitter than the Facebook and Instagram. Similarly the people belonging to urban areas like twitter more.

Frequent Brand Posting

Twitter is fastest way to interact. When you post or tweet something, people following you will receive the tweet immediately and you will get an instant reaction from their followers. 49 percent of people follow the brands on Twitter on monthly basis. For any brand, one can easily notice no post for weeks and even months but on twitter account the brands do regular advertising on daily basis.

Expanding Business

Twitter allows business owners to interact directly within a second with their targeted market and customers easily and effectively by sharing information about their products and services and build relationship with customers and partners. It provides easy way to quickly address customer concerns by answering tweets from followers who ask about products.  It also give effective way to alert clients about any changes in the company’s policy and advertisements of any upcoming events or sales and other important notices. It allows your customers stay in touch with the latest happenings in your business:   

Free from Advertisements

Twitter is free from advertisements. You don’t have to face problem with bunch of advertisements like other social networking sites do while using it.  This gives extra competitive edge to twitter by increased number of followers. Twitter is indeed a clear choice for time sensitive content and this is the major competitive advantage of this social nework.

Job Searching

Twitter is heavily followed by literate people so it acts as an effective medium for searching job. Many HR managers, recruiters and employers actively post new jobs on Twitter. No doubt twitter is one of the best and most popular social networks amongst others. Large number of people registers on twitter to stay updated with latest jobs all around the world.   

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