Founded in 1906, Xerox is an American global corporation which deals with the manufacture and selling of print and digital solution through technology products. Xerox has expanded through decades and entered new markets due to which it is now available in more than 160 countries. Their philosophy is to celebrate new thinking and ideas and this is practiced within their organization and because of which they are able to come up with innovative new products to add in their portfolio which eventually contributes towards the growth of the company.

Xerox’s constant thrive to provide innovation through their existing and new products automatically gives them a competitive advantage compared to their competition. For example, just recently in 2017, Xerox launched 29 new devices on an event that is called as the biggest launch event in decades. The event focused on launching these innovative products that could target and facilitate the operations of many of their customer businesses. Through such innovative products, they are able to attract these potential customers and increase their business. The kind of technology introduced in these devices is meant to bring convenience in different departments of these companies.

Moreover, Xerox also brings innovation through apps in their devices. By introducing certain apps in their devices, they further facilitate the operations of these companies and help them perform better in their business. These apps are meant to solve obstacles that any company would face in their workflow and these are much better than the services offered by other competitors which definitely give them a competitive edge.
Along with offering other features through their products, Xerox is also known to solve the problems faced in color management system by providing an automated system through their products that help facilitate the process. The process which was time consuming before now can be performed within no time and that too very effectively. Also, the whole process becomes useful because it provides accurate color with the right kind of mix of external factors including light, temperature etc. This feature is not provided by other competitors which gives Xerox a competitive edge.

Xerox offers technology solutions that are safe and secure. With businesses having major concerns regarding their privacy and security, Xerox deals with this concern by providing extra layers of security through their products. Business data is kept safe through confidential communications and encryption of data. This feature helps Xerox gain the trust of their customers and build long-term relationships with them.

Moreover, Xerox also maintains the data for these businesses through their cloud services. Their business customers can easily save their data in the cloud and share within their company with the trust that their data is under complete encryption and will always be confidential. Such features also help them gain loyalty of their customers and give their customers a reason to choose them instead of their competitors in the market. It is through all these competitive advantages that Xerox is able to expand and grow by each passing year.


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