Founded in 1996 in Canada, WestJet has been in the industry for decades now. It now flies or operates in more than 100 destinations. The airline started with the philosophy of providing low-cost airline alternative to the customers as compared to the already present competitors in the industry at that time that were serving their customers at a very high price. Apart from operating flights and providing the customers better service at a low price, WestJet is also involved in community service projects that make them stand out.

As evident from the starting strategy of WestJet Airlines, their low-cost is one of the biggest competitive advantages even after so many years. Along with offering surprisingly cheap prices on their tickets, WestJet Airlines does not compromise on the services that they offer their customers in that price. These include TV, complementary beverages and several other in-flight services in order to make their customer’s experience worth it. So their strategy of low costs is very well complemented with valuable customer services that they provide which eventually gives them a competitive advantage.

WestJet airline is so successful even after so many years and so much competition that exists in the market today because of the fact that they were able to successfully identify their target market. They targeted the consumers who would not spend more than a certain amount on traveling even if it saved them a lot of time. By doing so, they were able to clearly identify and maintain their competitive edge by gaining those customers and fulfilling their needs of traveling in the lowest possible price.

WestJet has been able to sustain a certain culture in which they believe in providing their customers with the best service while following principles like responsibility and cooperation. By maintaining a certain company culture within their company environment as well as delivering it to their customers, they have built up a certain brand image for themselves. They are able to deliver exceptional service at lower cost and have maintained that culture for all these years of their operation. This counts as their competitive advantage because many competitors have tried to follow their strategy and culture but WestJet still stands apart in so much competition that exists in the market.

When a certain company has been there in the industry for decades and that too by being so successful in their offering, they are able to develop a distinct image for themselves. WestJet Airline has also gained and maintained their brand reputation for so many years that today their name speaks for itself. So the kind of position that WestJet enjoys today in the market, their brand name is also their competitive advantage which makes the customers choose them instead of other alternatives.


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