Verizon is an American global telecommunication and a broadband company. It came into existence in 1984. This company has become a provider of advanced communication, entertainment and IT and large business solutions to worldwide customers. Its competitors like AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. are also leading companies but Verizon has got many competitive advantages over them which makes its stand out in the telecommunication industry.

1. Earned Top Honors – As per extensive nation-wide testing by RootMetrics, Verizon performance was declared as “outstanding” at the national level. The company acquired top honours for 8th consecutive times.

2. Rated as 1st Carrier – In 2017, Verizon got rated as 1st carrier nation-wide with a score of 94.5 for performance, speed, reliability, data, and text and call quality.

3. Leader of Network Coverage – Present-day, Verizon is the global leader in providing broadband, other wireless and wire line services to media, trade, government and extensive clients. It also offers a range of devices including telephones and smartphones powered by iPhone/Android, tablets and other Internet devices. This company has combined with Yahoo! Inc. and AOL Inc. to expand its empire. It has been leading when it comes to network coverage. It has complete coverage in almost every region of the country

4. Consistent Revenue – Even the competition gets strong by new entrants, Verizon stated the revenue of $131.16 billion in the time of first three quarters of 2016.    It gained profit of $4,310 million, $702 million and $3,620 million subsequently.

5. Telematics – It is the biggest revenue producer from the IOT segment. Verizon telematics has three product lines:

• Lifelong relations with OEMs
• Direct-to-consumer product that connects with those cars which don’t have built-in features
• Network fleet – A mobile workforce management system

6. Verizon Digital Services – It is the ultimate solution for every type of content needs. It offers:

• Go90 – A mobile video streaming service
• Stream Pass – Sports package for go90
• Hulu App – Gives access to television shows and latest movies

7. Safety Mode – This carrier now offers safety mode in which devices are put onto a slower connection if you are going to reach your data limit.

8. Various Post-Paid Service Plans – Verizon offers single or shared data plans featuring unlimited local voice minutes, local and global text, video and picture messaging, cloud services and can be shared between the wireless devices on a customer’s account.

9. Reduction of Carbon Intensity – This organization has a set a goal to reduce carbon intensity to 50% by 2020 but as per results, they have reduced carbon intensity to 54% in the first quarter of 2016, which is a great success!

10. Heading Towards 5G Technology – Its considered that 5G technology would enhance the broadband speed up to 100 times and it will save costs for the company. While its deployment is still in its initial phase, Verizon is working dedicatedly for improving the speed of its wireless network.

No matter how hard the competitors try to attract consumers, Verizon is the America’s largest wireless network that serves almost 102 million customers nationwide.

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