This is the detailed sustainable competitive advantage of TCS India which will discuss the sources which gives edge to Tesco over its competitors.

An information technology company, Tata Consultancy Service TCS has achieved remarkable competitive edge not only in its home country India but has expanded its software business successfully at global level as well. TCS has only followed one theme up till now and that is growth.

Trusted Partners

Since TCS is part of TATA group, a symbol of trust and success in India, this partnership gives the company an edge for its business. The TATA brand operates in diversified industries as telecommunication, energy, engineering and consumer goods giving TCS a stronger brand image.  Strategic partners like Oracle, IBM and SAP help TCS to provide remarkable integrated IT solutions.

Global Presence:

TCS has become a growth engine in the Indian IT industry by making an effective use of its global presence and geographic location. The consultants are spread across the world in the delivery centers present in 47 countries. This presence makes the competencies available for successful application of projects.

Global Network Delivery Model:

The GNDM developed by TCS is considered a benchmark in the history of software development. With this model, TCS is able to provide consultation in the areas of engineering, IT, infrastructure and assurance services. The company is able to provide customers the same experience and lower cost globally with this strategic delivery concept maintaining high quality services.

Innovation Labs:

Being an essential to the competitiveness, the artificial intelligence has been successfully adopted by TCS in its 19 innovation labs which will bring a dramatic change by 2020 by delivering real results to the global business. The successful implementation of AI has improved all the business functions of marketing, finance, and HR and customer service. These labs have strong network relationships with the new start -ups and partners for developing innovative solutions.

Well Defined Disaster Management:

The disaster management plan is mutually defined to the TCS customers. In case of any disaster like undersea cable fault, the internet traffic is diverted to the alternate routes. This ensures the continuity of TCS business.

Sustained Development in Europe:

Some big IT giants as Infosys and Wipro have also tried to capture European market but none of them has shown sustainable growth as TCS. The strong customer centricity is part of TCS culture and management practices. Not only it has maintained to meet to stakeholder expectations but also the quality of execution of services has also remained same. The strategy has remained coherent regarding the reinforcement of its local resources and then delivering the process solutions globally unlike other competitors.

Highly Skilled Workforce:

Indian market comprises of highly skilled people and TCS has made an effective use of this asset for building an intellectual property for expanding its footprint to the customer organizations. The staff utilization rates are higher than average. The company has remained successful for attracting and retaining its employees in all the global markets.

TCS is now emphasizing on simplification of business process to IT infrastructure which will turn out to be a state of the art transformation by making use of artificial intelligence and robotics in near future.

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