What You Want, We Deliver Right!! This truly is followed by one of the most popular food delivery chains of San Francisco, Uber EATs having its branches worldwide. This online food ordering platform caters a large amount of customers by focusing on the local favorite dishes. Whether it comes to a large base of customers or having a well-known brand name and large number of transportation fleet, Uber Eats has it all. The company is indeed making a big dent in the take out delivery market. Following are some of the unique attributes which give Uber EATs a competitive edge on other European giants as Deliveroo and Foodora:

Unique Activation Method

Most online applications ask for the delivery address and payment details from the users which everyone avoid to give at very first time. Uber EATs has resolved this issue by connecting the address and personal information from Uber.  This easy application activation is not available in other delivery options and has brought more customers on this platform.

Customer Satisfaction Recorded

The UberEats competitors are ignoring this very important perspective of user ratings and feedback for creating best customer experience. It offers two opinions to customer whether the service and food delivered is good or bad. This customer rating is giving a leverage to UberEATs.

Focus on Customer Retention

Uber Eats not only believes in creating customers but also focuses on strategies for retaining them over long period.  An example can be seen as if once the delivery is late, they offer additional coupons to be used next time. This offer attracts more customers and brings them back next time.

They Know You

No other food application knows you as well as the Uber Eats does. They record customer order and judge their preferences accordingly. They know how to tempt the customers by offering them what they are looking for making it easy to order.

Uber Network Success

Uber Eats is taking huge competitive advantage by delivering the food from the food chains that normally don’t deliver. Indeed going to be the world leader, it gives best customer experience by using its large network of Uber drivers. This feature cannot be replicated by any competitor as they cannot force drivers to join their network. Wherever the Uber has been successful, this online food is getting its fame there by connecting the customer with restaurants in the online market.

Cost Efficient

Being an efficient delivery system, UberEATs leverages on low cost and offers many discount coupons to customers as well. Uber brand name is enough for creating a powerful brand image and the service has improved delivery time due to most efficient routes found by the drivers.

Full Option Service

Unlike its competitors which handle their deliveries themselves, UberEATs is a full delivery service that act as an intermediary between the restaurants and customers and get paid from both the parties. Freshly cooked food is just a click away with UberEATs. They have engineered their product around this particular concept of takeout ordering.
UberEats has created virtual restaurants available on the application and offer the food accordingly.

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