A Swedish multinational company which was established in 1927 on a foundation of quality and safety, has been making contribution in the sophisticated car market by manufacturing lavish cars to heavy duty trucks till today.

Volvo is a company name of commitment. It is a trademark of best supplier of different vehicles in the automotive industry. It is a group which manufactures cars, trucks, buses, marine and industrial engines and offers financial services. There are several aspects which made Volvo the number one choice. Some of competitive advantages are:

Part of Guinness Book of World Records

In 2013, the Most Miles Driven by a Single Owner in a Non-Commercial Vehicle record was made with a total mileage of 3 million miles. It is an amazing achievement made by Volvo car which others couldn’t think of!

World’s First Catalytic Exhaust Emission Control

In 1976, this title was given to Volvo. This title relates that pollutants were obtained by the catalytic converters from the exhaust emissions. This happens when the engines balance air-fuel mixture allowed by the oxygen sensor.

Imposing design

When thinking to travel with the family, a van is the first thing that comes into the mind but they never look classy. Then there comes Volvo which looks completely wonderful yet being safe and conformable. An unknown fact is that royal families use Volvo cars when they go to royal events!

Efficient Engines

Recently produced Drive-E engines by Volvo are not only smart as they have very less fuel consumption but they are also designed in an extensible way so that both diesel and petrol units can also be used in a hybrid way.

Volvo Luxury

These cars have everything that makes your drive incredible and relaxing like the leather cushioning, air filters, heated and ventilated front and back seats and dual zone automatic climate control. Also, the Scandi-design items have been used to make the interior cool and classy.


To keep you accompanied throughout your journey, Volvo cars are incorporated with many technology features. These are:

•    Standard touchscreen
•    Senses Navigation
•    In-car Wi-Fi
•    Multiple drive styles
•    Volvo On Call – an emergency tracking system which lets you control your car remotely

Next Level Safety

This Company manufactures cars very brilliantly with every kind of safety features. These cars have mostly city safety emergency brake system, seatbelt reminder, side impact protection system, 360-degree camera view, it alerts if some hindrance is heading towards you and stops or slow down if a person is crossing the road. They have taken safety to a new level by its Vision 2020 programs, where they state that nobody would be killed or injured by 2020 by new Volvo cars.

All-electric Future

By the year 2019, Volvo has planned to introduce an all-electric car for its customers.Volvo has made evolution in the car market from introducing three-point seat belt to first rear-facing child seat. No matter what ideas competitors come up with, Volvo will remain the future of the cars.

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