Vodafone Group PLC is the world’s best telecommunications company headquartered in London and Newbury, England.  It significantly operates networks in almost 26 countries of Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East and U.S. through subsidiary undertakings, joint ventures and affiliated undertakings and investments.

Vodafone presents a variety of telecommunications services which include voice and data telecommunications with short message service (SMS). As of 10 February, 2016, it had approximately £52.5 billion market capitalization. There are several features which make Vodafone superior among other telecommunications companies. Some of the competitive advantages that Vodafone has over others are:

Diversified Geographical Portfolio

-It has strong mobile telecommunications operations, not only in 26 countries of largest regions of the world, but also has partner networks in additional 50 countries. It has 444 million mobile customers.

Continuously updating its service system-

Vodafone has established a set of marketing objectives and achieving them by continuously updating its phone range and services offered to keep itself one step ahead of its competitors. Some of the objectives are:
Introduction of novel technologies and services

Keep the existing customers
Obtain more customers
Continue to change and up-to-date its brand.

World’s Leading Wireless Communication Provider

It collects revenue of 27% out-of-bundle sales, while 42% of its group service revenue comes from Mobile-in bundle sales.  They also introduced plans for small, large and medium-sized business sectors. They have put in big investments to strengthen their network for their customers, which is why they have an advantage over other mobile network brands by winning the confidence of their customers.

Quality Network Service

Vodafone’s voice quality, connectivity and data transfer rates meet high standards. Vodafone network coverage and availability is really good all over the world. It has a good 2G and 3G and now 4G speed. They focused on customer care service to maintain high standards of customer satisfaction.

Vodafone Foundation

It is a well-known charity which promotes projects which use mobile technology, which is beneficial for the vulnerable. Its slogan is “Connecting for Good”. Some examples of Vodafone Foundation’s initiatives are:

• Safe taxi system- It’s an initiative in Portugal. It is a technology that taxi/cab drivers can use to alert police if they feel unsafe or in danger of being assaulted.
• Learning with Vodafone Solution- It is a technology, initiated in India for teachers to enhance their teaching skills by using multi-media and graphical content.
• Pediatric Epilepsy Remote Monitoring System- It is a monitoring system that allows physicians to make patient observations remotely.

mHealth services

Vodafone created new business unit focused on mobile communications and network technologies to healthcare application in 2009. Vodafone developed a text message based system for a Novartis project, “SMS for life” in Tanzania, that allows the Tanzanian’s 4,600 public health facilities to report their levels of anti-Malarial medications, is a success story. It saved thousands of lives.
Vodafone’s efforts to provide best telecommunications services world-wide are much appreciable, which is why it is now a symbol of trust.

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